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Family Health Trust (FHT) was established in 1987 as a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organisation that provides a holistic response to HIV and AIDS in Zambia.

AIDS Action Programme

an education for prevention programme whose goal is to promote safer lifestyles among children and young people in order to contribute to the prevention of further spread of HIV

Home Based Care

Home Based Care programme facilitates provision of physical and psychological care to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) in partnership with the community for improved quality care.

Children & Women in Distress

The goal of the Children and women in Distress Programme is to intervene in partnership with the community, to enable them realise their potential.

FHT in Zambia

The Family Health Trust (FHT) occupies a unique space in the landscape of Zambian HIV and AIDS relief. As the nation’s longest-running non-governmental organisation in the field, FHT pioneered the community’s response to HIV and AIDS and remains at the forefront of service provision. 
Established in 1987 in swift response to the first Zambian diagnoses of HIV and AIDS, FHT has worked for over twenty-five years to realise its vision of, “a Zambia free from the threat of HIV and AIDS.” 
From conceptualising intensive, grassroots programmes such as AIDS Action Clubs to steering the national HIV and AIDS agenda, FHT continues to set industry standards for care and advocacy. 
A committed Zambians-for-Zambia work ethic underpins FHT’s three major programmes, through which vast numbers of individuals living with HIV and AIDS are cared for every day. This is complemented by an emphasis on HIV and AIDS prevention activities, along with the support of orphaned and vulnerable children and women.

Meet Our Team

Recent Improvements

A process of internal review, with the assistance of USAID and funded by the Local Partners Capacity Building Programme, has strengthened FHT’s accountability, instilled transparency and reshaped management systems. The result is a re-energized agency equipped with an effective toolkit to fight HIV and AIDS in the modern age.




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